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After working for the same Chicago area insurance company for 40 years, Clifford Davison thought he and his wife, Anna Marie, deserved to retire. Although they moved to Boerne to do exactly that. Anna Marie had other ideas.

That was over 30 years ago that Anna Marie started Davison Insurance, a specialty independent insurance agency in Boerne. At first, Anna Marie worked out of her home. In 1994, she moved to the office building on Main Street that houses Davison Insurance today. And Anna Marie had the last laugh-Clifford ended up joining her in the business. While both Davisons have since passed away, their daughter Patrice, who joined the firm in 1994, carries on the family business. Just as her father worked side-by-side with her mother, Patrice’s husband Chip Marshall, joined Davison Insurance Agency, LLC in 2002. Today, with two employees, the full-service insurance agency represents specialty insurance companies, chief among them Hochheim Prairie, specializing in insurance protection for homes and ranches since 1892.

Davison Insurance also provides property, casualty, auto, and health insurance. When asked what accounts for the agency’s longevity in such a competitive market, Patrice credits hard work, excellent customer service, and her employees. “We strive to provide the same personal service to our clients that my mother did when she started Davison Insurance over 30 years ago,” she said. We are now writing insurance coverage for the second and third generations of my mother’s clients. She would be so proud.”

Patrice Davison

Patrice joined Davison Insurance Agency in 1994. Mentored by her parents, she acquired the agency from them in 1995. Since then, she has expanded the network of insurance companies she works with in order to provide comprehensive, “one-stop” insurance protection for her clients. Patrice’s “family-friendly” customer service has attracted long-time Boerne residents and newcomers alike. Read More

Chip Marshall

Chip joined Davison in 2002. He is fast becoming the resident expert in property and casualty insurance. Chip draws on Davison’s network of Best-rated companies to design insurance programs that meet his clients’ needs. Chip spends his off hours indulging his passion: fishing.


Kirsten Mann


Kirsten joined the Davison Insurance team in August 2016. Kirsten’s spunky personality fits right in with our family friendly customer service atmosphere here at Davison! Her knowledge gained over many years of working in a variety of industries has gifted her with a multitude of talents. She is excited to meet each of our clients and assist as best as she can. While not in the office, Kirsten enjoys spending time with her family and friends.




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